Broedie Birkhof

Broedie specializes in Athletic Performance training through the development and implementation of balanced, periodized and customized strength and conditioning programs. Broedie has become a specialist in barbell work and the coaching of Olympic weightlifting to all athletes at Hybrid. With a Diploma in Strength and Sports Conditioning from Canadore College and an array of knowledge from both playing and coaching elite level sports, Broedie has the experience and education to help you reach your optimal performance level.

Ally Sharpe

Ally’s passion and focus is helping women and young girls become sustainably strong, fit and healthy through personal and group training. Pulling from both experience and education, Ally’s training incorporates: injury prevention, stress management, nutrition, healthy living, life enrichment, progression and healthy range of motion.

Nathan O'Keeffe

Nathan is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Health Science in Kinesiology at Trent University. Every day he is able to apply what he is learning at school, with his clients. He creates an environment where everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’ve been training for years. Nate draws from his personal experience as an athlete and pushes his clients to make real changes in their lives.