About Hybrid

Owned & Operated by Josh & Holly Gillam

Hybrid was founded by Josh in November of 2014 in a 600 ft² room with just enough equipment to get started with his first few clients.  After 5 months, it was time to expand and Josh moved to and renovated a 5000 ft² warehouse space on Rye St., where we are still located.  Just over a year later, Hybrid took over more space within the building and now includes two gym spaces, a beautiful studio, and a therapy clinic.  Our amenities are second to none with private shower and changing facilities – stocked with towels, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, hair products, hair dryers, and flat irons – everything you need to take on the next part of your day post-workout.

We pride ourselves on being unlike any other training facility in the area and are dedicated to getting our clients feeling and living better.

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