Therapy Centre

Josh Martin

Josh Martin is a Registered Massage Therapist since 2004, completing his training at Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, graduating with honours. Josh is also a Medical Acupuncturist through the McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program. Currently he is the lead Canadian Instructor with Dynamic Tape, is a Certified Candidate and Past Ontario Chapter President with the CSMTA (Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association), and a recognized Service Provider for the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario. Josh also provides Soft Tissue Release and Therapeutic Ultrasound.

Along with his clinical work, Josh is currently the Head Trainer for the Peterborough Lakers Lacrosse Team (2012/2017 Mann Cup Champions), and is a therapist with the Canadian National Men’s 15 Rugby Team.

Along with the above credentials, Josh has developed and implements an Integrated Therapy method called the ecco rehabilitation system. It is the assessment & treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, muscle imbalances, mobility/stability issues and Peak Performance Care using massage, electro-acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation, taping and other modalities for an incredibly effective rehabilitation approach. His ultimate goal is to serve and educate the Peterborough and surrounding communities in the benefits of integrated therapy and therapeutic massage in order for them to achieve their maximum peak potential. His experiences range from treating minor and amateur athletes, to treating elite Olympic athletes. He has been a therapist involved with major sporting events across Ontario, Canada and Europe. Josh currently treats athletes from the OHL (Ontario Hockey League), NLL (National Lacrosse League), CFL (Canadian Football League), Athletics Canada and Rugby Canada.

Dr. Shayla Conrad

Dr. Shayla Conrad, originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University. During her time at Dalhousie Dr. Conrad focused on human anatomy, exercise physiology and biomechanics. While working closely with sports teams, she became inspired to study further and become a chiropractor. Following her undergrad, she moved to Toronto to complete her doctorate in chiropractic medicine at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where she graduated in 2016 with clinical honors. During her time in Chiropractic College she completed the McMaster University Contemporary Acupuncture program allowing her to broaden her manual therapy knowledge and skills in order to provide other treatment options for her patients. Dr. Conrad provides evidence based care by incorporating a variety of techniques which she utilizes to help patients restore lost function and movement, as well as aid in injury prevention. She takes an individualized approach with each patient, treating conditions or functional issues with a combination of soft tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, joint manipulations, rehab programs and education as well as other therapeutic devices. She combines these methods in the best way possible to provide care for her patients to feel better and live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Natasha Lagace

Natasha (Tash) is a Certified Athletic Therapist and a Registered Massage Therapist. She attended York University where she completed her Specialized Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science, as well as obtained her Athletic Therapy Certificate. Throughout her time at York, Tash worked with a variety of varsity teams on the field and in the clinic. She also had the opportunity to work with the Toronto Argonauts as well as at the National Ballet of Canada. She certified as an Athletic Therapist in 2015, and then went on to complete the Advanced Standing Massage Therapy Program at the Ontario College of Health and Technology, and became registered as a Massage Therapist in 2016. Tash specializes in injury prevention, assessment and immediate care as well as on-going rehabilitation. She uses her education, training and continued research in the areas of human anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and emergency care to help you whether it’s on the field or in the clinic.

Dayna Clancey

Dayna has been a practicing member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario since 1998. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and the issues that arise from everyday things such as repetitive/overuse conditions, acute trauma, systemic illness, poor body mechanics and general overall limitations in movement. Dayna’s primary goal for every client is to help them achieve pain free movement and improve their overall sense of well-being. To achieve this, she brings her many years of practice and experience and her ever-growing toolbox of modalities to every treatment. Dayna has a movement background in Pilates and a keen eye for evaluating the best approach for each clients needs and achieving that outcome. Whether it be deep tissue massage, Swedish techniques, acupuncture, Soft Tissue Release, sports taping or Fascial Stretch Therapy or a combination of a few, Dayna works diligently to improve her clients mobility and helps them achieve a pain free lifestyle.

Emma McLean

Emma is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a specialization in Health Science. She moved to Peterborough in 2012 to continue her education in Massage Therapy. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 3 years now and has since added medical acupuncture and fascial stretch therapy to her practice. Emma’s favourite part about what she does is that each and every client presents with different challenges, which requires her to problem solve and use a variety of techniques to provide pain relief and increase mobility. She is dedicated to personal development and gaining knowledge on anything that could potentially show up in her treatment room.